Does God laugh and have a sense of humor?

Here's the answer:

God isn't like us. He is greater and one of a kind!

Still, the Bible tells us that God created people after His own likeness (Genesis 1:26). Since people laugh, we can certainly wonder if God has a sense of humor!

We wonder if God has a sense of humor when we see the giraffe's long neck, elephant's twisting trunk, and platypus's bill. Or we might wonder when we read certain Bible stories, such as the donkey talking to Balaam. What do you think?

We do know that because God is perfectly holy, He is not like sinners who laugh at bad jokes or laugh when someone else is embarrassed or hurt. He is loving and kind all the time. He wants our sense of humor to be kind too.

Bible Truth

"I am God. There is no other God. I am God. There is no one like me" (Isaiah 46:9b).

"There must not be any unclean speech or foolish talk or dirty jokes. All of them are out of place. Instead, you should give thanks [to God]" (Ephesians 5:4).