Who had red hair in the Bible?

Here's the answer:

It is thought that Esau and David had red hair.

In the Bible, the first person who had red hair was Esau. Esau was the twin brother of Jacob. Even though they were twins, Esau was born first. Jacob was born right after Esau and he was holding Esau's heel. This was a future reference to how Jacob would deceive Esau.

Esau was known for his temper. This wasn't connected to his hair, but some people try to put stereotypes on people with red hair. Just because someone has red hair doesn't mean they have a temper. People with all sorts of different hair colors can have tempers.

Another famous person of the Bible who might have had red hair is David. The Bible tells us he was handsome and ruddy. Many scholars believe this to mean he had red hair. David and Esau both had red hair in the Bible. They both had the same hair color, but they were both very different people. David loved, worshiped, and served God, but Esau chose not to.

Bible Truth

"The first one to come out was red. His whole body was covered with hair. So they named him Esau" (Genesis 25:25).

"Esau was angry with Jacob. He was angry because of the blessing his father had given to Jacob. He said to himself, 'The days of sorrow over my father’s death are near. Then I’ll kill my brother Jacob'" (Genesis 27:41).

"So Jesse sent for his son and had him brought in. He looked very healthy. He had a fine appearance and handsome features. Then the Lord said, 'Get up and anoint him. This is the one'" (1 Samuel 16:12).