How, why, and when did Satan fall from Heaven?

Here's the answer:

Satan was pushed out of Heaven by God because of Satan’s pride, but the Bible does not tell us exactly when he fell.

Satan fell from Heaven because of his pride (Isaiah 14:12-14). Instead of worshipping and serving God, Satan wanted God to worship and serve him. Talk about pride! Satan has continued throughout time to disobey and undermine God. He is evil, wicked, and doomed to destruction (Revelation 20).

The Bible doesn’t tell us exactly when Satan fell from Heaven, but it was sometime after God created the angels and before the fall of Adam and Eve. Evil Satan and his demons have no place with God and the holy angels. God kicked Satan out of Heaven and he will never be allowed to be with God’s people in eternity.

How: God pushed Satan out of Heaven.
Why: Because of Satan’s pride.
When: The Bible does not tell us exactly, but we know it was sometime after God created the angels and sometime before Adam and Eve were tempted in the Garden by Satan.

Bible Truth

"...But now you have fallen from heaven! You once brought nations down. But now you have been thrown down to the earth!" (Isaiah 14:12b).

"I appointed you to be like a guardian cherub. I anointed you for that purpose. You were on my holy mountain. You walked among the gleaming jewels. Your conduct was without blame from the day you were created. But soon you began to sin" (Ezekiel 28:14-15).