How can we store up treasures in heaven?

Here's the answer:

We can store up treasures in heaven by serving God.

When we think of treasures, we think of shiny things, fancy objects, and gold. When the Bible talks about storing up treasures in heaven, it is not referring to material things. Storing up things in heaven is done by serving God faithfully. We can serve God in our everyday life. Even as a kid, you can start storing up treasures in heaven.

Serving God can be done in your daily life, at church, at school, or on the playground. You can serve God in everything you do. Every time you serve God out of your heart by obeying Him, you are storing up treasures in heaven. Even though life can get hard, God wants you to remain faithful and to continue to serve Him.

Keep doing good even if nobody notices what you do. God notices everything you do. He sees you even when nobody else does. Store up treasures in heaven for yourself by serving God and obeying Him. Use the gifts you have received to serve God throughout your life and He will reward you.

Bible Truth

"Instead, gather for yourselves riches in heaven. There, moths and rats do not destroy them. There, thieves do not break in and steal them. Your heart will be where your riches are" (Matthew 6:20-21).

"So eat and drink and do everything else for the glory of God" (1 Corinthians 10:31).

"Now there is a crown waiting for me. It is given to those who are right with God. The Lord, who judges fairly, will give it to me on the day he returns. He will not give it only to me. He will also give it to all those who are longing for him to return" (2 Timothy 4:8).