Were there twins in the Bible?

Here's the answer:

Yes, there were twins in the Bible. The first twins were Jacob and Esau.

Isaac and his wife Rebekah are the first couple mentioned in the Bible to have twins. Their twins were named Jacob and Esau. Jacob stole the birthright from his older twin and caused a lot of damage to their relationship. Even though Esau was the older twin, Jacob received the birthright and all the blessings.

Another set of twins mentioned in the Bible were twins Perez and Zerah (Genesis 38). King David and Jesus were descendants of Perez.

Thomas, one of the Lord's disciples also had a twin (John 11:16). Although Thomas's twin is never mentioned, there is good reason to believe he had a twin because his name means twin.

If you have a twin, that is wonderful. Even though you have a twin, you are still uniquely you. You can cultivate a healthy relationship with your twin by spending time together, talking about God together, and doing fun activities together. God wants you to love your twin and be a good sibling to him or her.

Bible Truth

"The time came for Rebekah to have her babies. There were twin boys in her body" (Genesis 25:24).

"But he pulled his hand back, and his brother came out first instead. She said, 'Just look at how you have forced your way out!' So he was called Perez. Then his brother, who had the red thread on his wrist, came out. So he was named Zerah" (Genesis 38:29-30).

"Then Thomas, who was also called Didymus, spoke to the rest of the disciples. 'Let us go also,” he said. ‘Then we can die with Jesus'" (John 11:16).