How can kids understand the Bible?

Here's the answer:

God can help kids understand His truth in the Bible.

The Bible isn't just for adults—it's for kids too! Studying the Bible is exciting because it helps us know God and His plan for us! The Bible is the way God speaks to us.

Here's a good way to study the Bible.

1. Read: The Bible is made up of 66 books. These books are divided into chapters, and the chapters are divided into verses. Try reading one chapter every day. You may want to ask your parents or an older sibling to read the Bible to you. You can enjoy any part of the Bible, but it's good to start with the story of creation (in Genesis, the first book in the Bible) and the story of Jesus (the book of Luke).

2. Ask: After reading a part of the Bible, think about what you've read. Ask who, what, when, where, why, and how questions, and try to find the answers in the Bible. Pray for God to help you understand what He wants to teach you from the Bible. If you don't understand any words or ideas, ask your parents, pastor, or even people on this website to get help. You can get a Bible dictionary (to learn what words mean), a concordance (to search for words in the Bible) or an atlas (maps from Bible times).

3. Do: After you understand a part of the Bible, ask God to show you how to learn from and obey it. If you memorize a Bible verse each week, you can remember what God says to do. Then do those things, with God's help!

Bible Truth

"Never stop reading this Scroll of the Law. Day and night you must think about what it says. Make sure you do everything that is written in it. Then things will go well with you. And you will have great success." (Joshua 1:8).

"Your word is like a lamp that shows me the way. It is like a light that guides me" (Psalm 119:105).