What does it mean that God is sovereign?

Here's the answer:

The word sovereign means to be in complete control of something. God is sovereign, which means He is in complete control of everything in the whole universe.

God created the universe and everything in it (see Genesis 1:1), and there is nothing that ever happens outside of His control. Since God is sovereign, nothing takes Him by surprise. He is all-powerful, so He has the ability to make anything happen or to keep anything from happening.

Even though God has the power to control everything we do or say, He doesn’t. He gave each of us the ability to choose. We can choose what we eat, what we wear, what we say, and what we think about. We can even choose whether we want to believe in God, follow Him, and obey Him. God is sovereign and could make us follow and obey Him, but He gives each of us a choice instead.

God wants everyone to follow Him so He can have a close relationship with us. But sadly, some people choose to not believe in God at all. Those who do choose to follow Him will get to be close to Him while they’re on the earth, and then live with Him forever in heaven when they die. Have you chosen to follow God? You can find out more about the path to heaven here.

Bible Truth

"Great is our Lord. His power is mighty. There is no limit to his understanding" (Psalm 147:5).

"Today I’m giving you a choice. You can have life and success. Or you can have death and harm. I’m commanding you today to love the LORD your God. I’m commanding you to live exactly as he wants you to live. You must obey his commands, rules and laws. Then you will live..." (Deuteronomy 30:15–16).