Who was Mary Magdalene?

Here's the answer:

Mary Magdalene was a woman from Magdala. Jesus drove out seven demons from her and she became one of His followers.

Mary Magdalene came from a region known as Magdala, which is near the Sea of Galilee. She was plagued by seven demons living inside her. When Jesus cast out these seven demons, she was given freedom from her suffering and she became a follower of Jesus (Luke 8:2).

Mary Magdalene witnessed Jesus’ crucifixion. She saw the trial and how Jesus was sentenced to death. Mary Magdalene would have felt extreme sadness at seeing Jesus die on the cross. After Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection, she was one of the first eyewitnesses of His resurrection.

She went with the other women to the tomb in the early morning of Sunday after Jesus’ crucifixion. The rock was rolled away and the tomb was empty. There in the garden, she saw the resurrected Jesus. She confused Him for a gardener, but He revealed Himself as the Lord to her (John 20:11-18). Going along with the other women, they told news of Jesus’ resurrection to His disciples. The last mention of Mary Magdalene in the Bible is when she gathered with the other believers to await the promised Holy Spirit (Acts 1:14).

Bible Truth

"So were some women who had been healed of evil spirits and sicknesses. One was Mary Magdalene. Seven demons had come out of her" (Luke 8:2).

"He asked her, 'Woman, why are you crying? Who are you looking for?' She thought he was the gardener. So she said, 'Sir, did you carry him away? Tell me where you put him. Then I will go and get him.' Jesus said to her, 'Mary.' She turned toward him. Then she cried out in the Aramaic language, 'Rabboni!' Rabboni means Teacher" (John 20:15-16).

"They all came together regularly to pray. The women joined them too. So did Jesus’ mother Mary and his brothers" (Acts 1:14).