Who wrote the Bible?

Here's the answer:

God used men to write the Bible and had them say exactly what He wanted.

God gave the Bible to speak to us, so it's called "God's Word." Every word in the Bible's 66 smaller books comes from God. But He used many people to write His Word. The books of the Bible were written over hundreds of years by special people God chose, such as Moses, David, and Paul. God made sure the writers wrote everything He wanted them to say, without mistakes. He also made sure that all the writers taught the same message and ideas.

Through the years, God has kept the Bible safe from being changed or messed up. Every word is true and helpful. The Bible is a precious gift from God. By reading it, we can know God and His plan for us.

Bible Truth

"God has breathed life into all of Scripture. It is useful for teaching us what is true. It is useful for correcting our mistakes. It is useful for making our lives whole again. It is useful for training us to do what is right. By using Scripture, a man of God can be completely prepared to do every good thing" (2 Timothy 3:16–17).

"No prophecy in Scripture ever came from a prophet’s own understanding. It never came simply because a prophet wanted it to. Instead, the Holy Spirit guided the prophets as they spoke. So prophecy comes from God" (2 Peter 1:20b–21).