What does the Bible say about vandalism?

Here's the answer:

Vandalism is wrong because it is not respectful of someone else’s property.

Vandalism is when a person destroys or hurts someone else’s property. It is a sin and it goes against the law. It is a serious offense against another person. Think about how you would feel if somebody destroyed or hurt something of yours. It would hurt your feelings.

In the Old Testament, if someone stole from or hurt another person’s property, the person who did the wrong had to repay the person plus more (Exodus 22:1). Even though we don’t live during Old Testament times, vandalism is still wrong.

God doesn’t want us to be mean to others. He wants us to be mature, kind, and caring. If you have vandalized something, know that you are forgiven by God, but make sure you make the intentional decision to not vandalize anything ever again.

Bible Truth

"Whoever makes fun of their neighbor has no sense. But the one who has understanding controls their tongue" (Proverbs 11:12).

"Be kind and tender to one another..." (Ephesians 4:32).