Questions About Sin

Questions about Sin

What is Sin?

Why is it wrong to do bad things?
Why is it wrong to say bad words? Does the Bible say not to cuss?
Did God know Adam and Eve would sin?
Did God create sin?
What does God think about pride? Is pride sin?
How can I know when something is a sin?
Is it wrong to dislike someone because of his or her skin color? Is racism wrong?
How did God decide what is right and wrong?
Are things either right or wrong?
What is the sin nature?
How did sin start?
Are some sins worse than others?
What was the fall of man?
What is evil?
What is sin?
Why did God allow sin to come into the world if He didn't want it?
I'm a Christian, so why do bad things still happen to me?
Why do people do bad things and commit crimes?
Why do we sin?
Is complaining a sin? Why is it wrong to complain?
What has sin done to our world? What is the result of sin?
What happens when we sin?
Is it really "finders keepers, losers weepers"?
Why is the world so evil?
Why did Eve sin?
What are morals?
Why does everyone have to die for Eve’s sin? How is that fair?
What is gossip?
Are babies born sinners?
Is abortion wrong?
What does the Bible say about good versus evil?
What is a sinner?
What is sin?
What does the Bible say about being stubborn?
What does the Bible say about being lazy?
What does the Bible say about greed?
What does the Bible say about selfishness?
What is a hypocrite?
What does the Bible say about disrespect?
My dad says I shouldn’t cause someone to stumble. What does that mean?
How does sin separate us from God?
What are the consequences of sin?
What is envy?
What does the Bible say about being jealous?

Sin and Me

What should I do after I sin?
Why do some people believe in ghosts?
How come the devil wants us to be bad?
Why is it wrong to do something if all the other kids do it?
Why do I feel guilty and bad when I do something wrong?
Does God forget our sins when we become Christians?
Can God forgive me for committing the same sin over and over?
Does God want to punish me?
What does it mean to take God's name in vain?
Is it okay to hit my brothers or sisters if they hit me first?
Why do I feel bad when I have done something wrong?
What does God want me to do when I've done something wrong or when I feel guilty?
Does money make people bad? Is money bad?
If God made spiders, is it ok to squish them? Is killing bugs ok?
Is it all right to tell a little lie every now and then?
Is it a sin to have a messy bedroom?
When I'm playing a sport, is it wrong to fool other player… like faking a pass? Is that lying?
What does the Bible say about spreading rumors?
Is it a sin to say mean things about someone if no one hears it?
Is it ok to say shut up to people if they are being jerks?
What does the Bible say about stealing?
Will I be able to stop sinning?
What is suicide?
Is thinking bad things the same as doing them?
What is a conscience?
Why do I do bad things even when I know it’s wrong?
Why are there wars?
Why are some people rich? Is it bad?
Why doesn’t God zap all the bad people with lightening?
Why do kids swear?
Is it a sin to get mad?
How can I tell right from wrong?
If I swear, can I still go to heaven?
Does a Christian have two natures?
What does it mean that we’re not to love the world?
How can I hate my own sin?
What are the keys to resisting temptation?
Does my sin hurt others?