Is it okay for me to attend a Christian camp?

Here's the answer:

Yes, it is fantastic to attend a Christian camp!

Christian camps are super fun and will help you learn more about God in fun ways. You will learn more about the Bible during your time at camp. Also, you will get to play games, sing songs to God, and make a ton of new friends.

During your time at a Christian camp, you will have a camp leader who will be able to answer questions you have and help you with your relationship with Jesus.

While you’re at a Christian camp, there will be numerous opportunities to serve God and others. Not only will you get the chance to be the hands and feet of Christ, but you will also be able to serve others through prayer. A fellow campers might be afraid or scared since it’s his or her first time away from home. A great way you can serve them is by praying for them.

Bible Truth

"Let the message about Christ live among you like a rich treasure. Teach and correct one another wisely. Teach one another by singing psalms and hymns and songs from the Spirit. Sing to God with thanks in your hearts" (Colossians 3:16).

"The word of God is alive and active. It is sharper than any sword that has two edges. It cuts deep enough to separate soul from spirit. It can separate bones from joints. It judges the thoughts and purposes of the heart" (Hebrews 4:12).