Questions About Media and School

Questions about School and Media


Why won't my parents let me read certain books or watch certain movies/TV shows?
Is it wrong to copy movies or music from someone else?
Is it okay to watch fantasy movies like Harry Potter?
What kind of music should I listen to?
What kind of video games should I play?
Is it wrong to be obsessed with a celebrity?
Is it okay to watch R-rated movies?
Is rock music bad?
Is it okay to watch scary movies?
Is it wrong to play video games?
Is watching TV a sin?
Is it wrong to use free copies of pirated video games I find online instead of buying it at the store or downloading it?
Why are some things in movies funny for adults but not for kids?
Is it okay to listen to music that has bad words?
As a Christian kid, what kind of music should I listen to?
What does the Bible say about magic shows?
What does the Bible say about art?
Can I listen to secular music?
Can I read fiction books since they aren’t true?
Is it okay for me to watch anime?
Is it wrong for me to be a fan of superheroes?
Should I watch horror movies?


What should I do if I'm afraid to go to school?
Is it a sin to get bad grades?
I'm being bullied. What should I do?
Why is it wrong to cheat on a test?
Why do teachers give so much homework?
How can I stop being a bully?
What should I do when kids are mean to me?
Can faith and science work together?
Why do I have to respect my teacher?
Is it okay to go to my school dance?
Can I pray in school?
My teacher has favorites. What does the Bible say about favoritism?


Is it okay to keep secrets from my friends?
What kind of friends should I have?
How do I make friends?
My friends are mean? Is it okay to stop being friends with someone who's mean to me?
Why does my friend have more stuff than me?
Is it okay to be popular?
Can I go to parties?
Can someone be born the wrong gender?
What does the Bible say about hate?