What is eternal life?

Here's the answer:

Eternal means "lasting forever."

All the people on earth, no matter who they are, have a part of them called a soul. We can’t see our souls, but we know they’re there because that’s where our personalities come from. God created our souls to be a part of us, just like he created our noses, hair, eyes, or brains to be a part of us.

We don’t know a lot about our souls, but we do know that even when our bodies die, our souls will still be alive. When you die, your soul will go to either heaven or hell to live eternally, or forever.

Where you spend your eternal life is up to you! Those who refuse to believe in God will need to be punished in hell for eternity. But God has promised eternal life in heaven to everyone who believes in what God’s Son, Jesus, did for sin. Jesus came to earth, died on a cross to take the punishment for our sin, and then came back to life three days later. He is in heaven right now, getting it ready for all the people who turn from their sin and ask Him to be a part of their lives. It will be amazing in heaven!

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Bible Truth

"I (Jesus) am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even if he dies" (John 11:25).

"Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved" (Romans 10:13).

"When you sin, the pay you get is [eternal] death. But God gives you the gift of eternal life because of what Christ Jesus our Lord has done" (Romans 6:23).