What does the Bible say about good versus evil?

Here's the answer:

The Bible says there is a constant battle between good versus evil.

Just like in superhero movies, there is always good and there is always evil. The battle between good and evil is real. God is 100% good. There is no evil in God. The devil is 100% evil. Our sinful natures are 100% evil.

Due to our sinful natures, we are prone to do evil (Romans 3:23). Part of this means we cannot be trusted to say for ourselves what is good and what is bad. The Bible tells us what is evil and what is good (Isaiah 5:20).

We have to make the decision on whether we are going to follow good or evil. While we are all evil due to our sinful nature and the bad things we do, we can be made right with God. We can be made right with God by believing that Jesus died for us and was raised from the dead. Each day, you will have a choice to do right or wrong. It will make God very happy if you choose to do good rather than evil.

Bible Truth

"The LORD is honest and good. He teaches sinners to walk in his ways" (Psalm 25:8).

"All of us are like sheep. We have wandered away from God. All of us have turned to our own way. And the Lord has placed on his servant the sins of all of us" (Isaiah 53:6).

"Love must be honest and true. Hate what is evil. Hold on to what is good" (Romans 12:9).