Is it okay to have a hobby?

Here's the answer:

Having a hobby can be a great thing!

A hobby is something people do for fun or relaxation. It can include collecting things like cards, books, dolls, or stickers; or it can be something more active like building model cars or even playing sports. It can also be something like reading, writing, music, or playing games. These activities become hobbies when you do them regularly. Hobbies can be a fun way to learn or practice different talents. They can help you meet new people or become better friends with those you already know.

The problem can come when we spend too much time on our hobbies. When they get in the way of time with God, they’re taking too much of our attention. It’s important to spend time with God and learn about Him through His Word and prayer every day. Our hobbies should never get in the way of doing that.

God also wants us to spend time with family and friends. It’s okay to be alone sometimes, but if we’re alone too much and are not making an effort to be around others, we aren’t able to build good relationships. God created us to have relationships with both Him and other people.

If you have a hobby, that’s okay! Just make sure you aren’t putting aside anything else you should be doing. And ask God if He wants you to use your hobby to serve Him in some way!

Bible Truth

"But put God’s kingdom first. Do what he wants you to do" (Matthew 6:33).

"Do everything you say or do in the name of the Lord Jesus. Always give thanks to God the Father through Christ" (Colossians 3:17).