Questions About the Christian Life

Questions about the Christian Life

Church and Service

Why do some churches baptize babies?
What is the purpose of the church?
Does going to church make you a Christian?
Do we have to go to a special building to have church?
What is the church?
What is communion / the Lord's Supper?
Why do we have different denominations?
Do we have to dress up nice when we go to church?
Do I have to go to church?
Should guys take off their hats in church?
What happens to people who don't go to church?
What are some ways I can serve in the church at my age?
What is tithing? Why does God want us to give Him money?
What is the body of Christ?
What is Vacation Bible School?
Why do we go to church on Sundays?
If God is everywhere, why do we go to church?
Why should I want to serve God?
Why do we sing in church?
When I give money to my church, where does it go?
My parents go to a church small group. What does that mean?
As a kid, can I take communion/Lord’s Supper?
What is church membership?


What does "living for Jesus" mean?
I want to become a pastor when I grow up. What can I do to prepare?
What should I do if an adult is hurting me?
Why do I have a learning disability? Why did God make me with a handicap/learning disability?
Why doesn't God want us to have fun?
What does the Bible say about following your dreams?
Is it okay to go to a concert with my friends?
Does God know what I'll be when I grow up?
How do I have a good attitude?
Is it okay to have a hobby?
What does it mean to love one another?
What is the meaning of life for kids?
Why can't kids vote?
What does it mean to dress modestly?
Are boys and girls equal in God's eyes?
Why is giving thanks important?
Are we supposed to defend the faith?
Should Christians vote?
What does the Bible say about second chances?
How can I be more like Christ?
How do I know when God is telling me something?
What does it mean to be blessed?
Does God speak to me in my dreams when I sleep?
Does God give visions to people today?
Can I like sports?

Living for God

Why is baptism important? Do I need to be baptized?
How can I get closer to God?
What is fasting?
How can I glorify God?
What does God want us to do?
How can I be a good Christian?
Why is it important to obey God?
How can I have self-control?
Why is it important to spend time with God?
Why is my spiritual gift?
Can I do whatever I want when I'm older?
How do I do God's will?
As a kid, how should I respond to temptation?
Are we supposed to defend the faith?
What does the Bible say about revenge?
What does it mean to trust God?
What is apologetics?
How do I know when God is telling me something?
What does God want from me?
What does it mean to abide in Christ?
What does it mean to walk with God?
What does putting God first mean?
Why is serving God important?
How can I know what pleases God?
What is the key to hearing God’s voice?
How do I hear from God? How do I know if I’m just hearing my own thoughts?
What is spiritual growth?
What is holiness?


What should I do when I’m afraid?
Why do Christians sometimes fight with each other?
Why do Christians still sin? I'm a Christian, so why do I still sin?
What should I do if I don’t like the way I look?
My friends keep getting me into trouble. What can I do?
Why is is sometimes hard to be a Christian?
Why is it so hard to love people sometimes?
Do I have to forgive my friends when they hurt me?
Why did God let my house burn down in a fire?
Is it wrong to hurt myself when I’m upset?
I can do all things through Christ. Really?
As a kid, how can I be joyful when hard stuff is happening?
What should I do when people are mean to me because I’m a Christian? Is it Christian bullying?
Why do people get sick?
Why do people die?
Why does God let us get sick?
I wish I was someone else. Is this wrong?
I’m afraid of the dark. What can I do?
Can God help me?
Is it okay to feel sad sometimes?
What does the Bible say about poverty and poor people?
Why doesn't God heal everyone?
What does the Bible say about suffering?
Why do Christians always argue with each other?
Why is life not fair?
What is God's timing?

What does the Bible say about...

What is the armor of God?
What does it mean to not be ashamed of the gospel?
Why did Jesus tell us to be servants?
Should Christians have Tattoos and Piercings?
What is a coincidence? Is there such a thing as coincidence or luck?
Does the Bible say to follow your heart?
What does the Bible mean when it talks about the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22–23)?
As a kid, is it okay to eat less food to lose weight?
Why do we have to obey the government?
Can a Christian serve in the military?
Can I perform a miracle?
What does "sabbath" mean?
Is it ok to pledge allegiance to the flag of my country?
What does the Bible say about the homeless?