Is it possible to have an idol today?

Here's the answer:

Yes, it is possible to have an idol today.

An idol is anything that we place at the center of our lives. In other words, our idol is whatever is most important to us. God should always be our top priority in life—not items, other people, or our wants. Sadly in the present day, idols are very common. Idols can include people, toys, video games, movies, or anything else that we place above God in our lives.

Idolatry is a sin. Throughout the Bible, many people committed the sin of idolatry (Exodus 20:3-6). Idols are blocks of stone or wood and people would worship them. Even today, there are religions who worship idols. This is not honoring to God. He wants our worship.

Idols don’t have to be made of wood or stone though. Movie stars and celebrities are fun to watch on television, but they should not become idols in our lives. Even good things can become idols in our lives if we place them above God. Family, friends, and school can all become idols in our lives if we view them as being superior to God.

If you are discovering that you have an idol in your life, ask God to help you remove the idol from your life. Ask the Lord to help you place Him as the priority of your life rather than other things. God always hears your prayers and it delights Him to answer prayers according to His will. In addition to praying, you can make the intentional choice not to place anything as an idol in your life.

Bible Truth

"Do not put any other gods in place of me" (Exodus 20:3).

"Dear children, keep away from statues of gods" (1 John 5:21).

"So put to death anything that comes from sinful desires. Get rid of sexual sins and impure acts. Don’t let your feelings get out of control. Remove from your life all evil desires. Stop always wanting more and more. You might as well be worshiping statues of gods" (Colossians 3:5).