Should kids play with a Ouija board?

Here's the answer:

Kids should not play with Ouija boards.

Ouija boards were created in the late 1800s. Ouija boards are also known as “talking boards” or “spirit boards.” The board was created because of the popular movement of spiritism. By playing with a Ouija board, it is believed you can communicate with the dead. On the board, there is the alphabet, numerals, and “yes” and “no” printed on the board. There is a pointer included in the game to spell out words or to answer "yes" or "no."

When playing the game, the person holding the pointer is moved supernaturally to spell out words or to answer "yes" or "no." The ghost or the spirit is supposed to supernaturally move the pointer in the person’s hands. While many people view this game as harmless fun, it isn’t. When interacting with the Ouija board, you are not communicating with the dead. When someone dies, they do not turn into ghosts or communicate with the living. Those who play with Ouija boards are playing with demons.

The Ouija board is a form of the occult. God doesn’t want us to have anything to do with the occult, including Ouija boards.

Bible Truth

"Do not look for advice from people who get messages from those who have died. Do not go to people who talk to the spirits of the dead. If you do, they will make you ‘unclean.’ I am the Lord your God" (Leviticus 19:31).

"Here are things you must not do. Don’t sacrifice your children in the fire to other gods. Don’t practice any kind of evil magic at all. Don’t use magic to try to explain the meaning of warnings in the sky or of any other signs. Don’t take part in worshiping evil powers. Don’t put a spell on anyone. Don’t get messages from those who have died. Don’t talk to the spirits of the dead. Don’t get advice from the dead. The Lord your God hates it when anyone does these things. The nations in the land he’s giving you do these things he hates. So he will drive out those nations to make room for you" (Deuteronomy 18:10-12).

"There are people who get messages from those who have died. But these people only whisper words that are barely heard. Suppose someone tells you to ask for advice from these people. Shouldn’t you ask for advice from your God instead? Why should you get advice from dead people to help those who are alive?" (Isaiah 8:19).