Is it a sin to have a messy bedroom?

Here's the answer:

Having a messy bedroom isn’t the best way to live.

It’s hard to keep our bedrooms clean, isn’t it? You probably have a lot of stuff, and it takes time and effort to clean up a room.

Having a messy room can be a sin if your parents have told you to clean it up and you don’t do it. That’s called disobedience. God wants us to obey our parents and follow their instructions.

There might be times when your parents don’t tell you to clean your room, but you know they don’t like it to be messy. You’re not disobeying them, but you’re not showing a kind heart when you let your room get messy. Ephesians 4:32 tells us, "Be kind and tender to one another." You can show your parents kindness and love when you keep a clean room.

Another important thing to remember is that everything belongs to God, and He wants us to take care of the things He’s given us. If your room is messy, then things might get broken. You also might hurt yourself by tripping over something! So even though it takes work, try to keep your room clean as a way to say thank you to God for all He’s given you!

Bible Truth

"Children, obey your parents as believers in the Lord. Obey them because it’s the right thing to do" (Ephesians 6:1).

"The earth belongs to the LORD. And so does everything in it" (Psalm 24:1).