What should I do when people are mean to me because I’m a Christian? Is it Christian bullying?

Here's the answer:

When people bully us because we are a Christian, we can use it as a chance to show God’s love to them.

It hurts when people are mean to us. Sometimes people are mean to us because we are Christians and do things Christians do—like go to church, say Bible verses, or pray.

This is called "persecution." It happens when people are unkind to you because you are a Christian. They might call you names or do other mean things. Maybe they won’t let you play with them because you believe in Jesus.

This might hurt your feelings, but persecution can also sometimes be scary for Christians. Persecution happens to many people all over the world. People in Africa, India, China, or other countries might be hurt, put in jail, or even killed for being a Christian. People were persecuted for their beliefs in Bible times too. 2 Thessalonians 1:4 says: "So among God’s churches we brag about the fact that you don’t give up easily. We brag about your faith in all the suffering and testing you are going through." Persecution was happening in many churches.

So what should you do when someone is unkind to you because you’re a Christian? You can show God’s love in your face, voice, and attitude. If you’re mean back to these people, they won’t see God’s love in your life. Pray for the people who are mean to you, and pray that God will give you the strength and courage to continue standing for Him. The people who hurt you may not change, but God will help you get through it.

Even when people make fun of you for being a Christian, remember that you’re still a winner because you’re part of Jesus’ team. No matter what happens to us, nothing can change God’s love for us (Romans 8:37–39).

Bible Truth

"But suppose you suffer for being a Christian. Then don’t be ashamed. Instead, praise God because you are known by that name" (1 Peter 4:16).

"But he (God) said to me, 'My grace is all you need. My power is strongest when you are weak...Because of how I suffered for Christ, I’m glad that I am weak. I am glad in hard times. I am glad when people say mean things about me. I am glad when things are difficult. And I am glad when people make me suffer. When I am weak, I am strong'"
(2 Corinthians 12:9a; 10).

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