How can I have self-control?

Here's the answer:

The Holy Spirit can help us have self-control.

Self-control means that we have control of the way we act and react to certain situations.

It can be a struggle to try to always do what’s right and stay away from what’s wrong! We want to do good, but sometimes we’re weak and give in to things that we know are wrong. Sometimes we lose control of ourselves.

When we believe in Jesus, God sends the Holy Spirit to help us live the right way. If we listen to the Holy Spirit and follow Him, we will begin to see changes in our lives. These changes are called the fruit of the Spirit. Self-control is one of those fruits! "But the fruit the Holy Spirit produces is love, joy and peace. It is being patient, kind and good. It is being faithful and gentle and having control of oneself" (Galatians 5:22–23).

God gives us instructions in the Bible for how we should live—and even how we shouldn't live. When we become Christians we are called to live new lives that please God. Leviticus 20:7 says, "Set yourselves apart for me. Be holy, because I am the LORD your God."

Some of the ways we can help build self-control in our lives are meeting with other Christians who can strengthen and encourage us, reading God’s Word so we can know how to live with more self-control, and praying that God’s Spirit will help and guide us. Then we can grow in faith and strength and be able to live in control of our lives!

Bible Truth

"God’s saving grace has appeared to all people. It teaches us to say no to godless ways and sinful longings. We must control ourselves. We must do what is right. We must lead godly lives in today’s world" (Titus 2:11).

"Blessed is the man who keeps on going when times are hard" (James 1:12a).

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