Why do some kids have step parents?

Here's the answer:

If a parent remarries, the person a parent marries becomes a stepparent.

When a wife or a husband dies or gets divorced, the other parent sometimes gets remarried. The new parent is called a stepmother or stepfather. Sometimes the new parent has kids of his own, so those kids become the stepsisters and stepbrothers of the other kids in the family. This can be a hard change, but God wants us to love and get along with the people in our families, including new stepparents and stepbrothers and stepsisters.

When families change because of divorce, this makes God sad. His perfect plan is for a husband and wife to always stay married and never get divorced. But none of us is perfect, and so sometimes divorce happens. If it happens, don't blame one parent or the other or think that it's your fault. The truth is that God still has an important plan for you and your entire family. If you're His children by trusting in His Son, Jesus, who died on the cross for sin, you can trust Him to take care of you all, even when things get hard. Read more about following Jesus by clicking here.

Bible Truth

"But as for me and my family, we will serve the LORD" (Joshua 24:15c).

"How can I get away from your Spirit? Where can I go to escape from you? … Your hand would always be there to guide me. Your right hand would still be holding me close" (Psalm 139:7, 10).

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