Who was Abel in the Bible?

Here's the answer:

Abel was Adam and Eve’s second son.

The Bible tells us Abel was Adam and Eve’s second son. Their first son was Cain. Abel was a man who loved God and followed His commands. Cain and Abel were both offering sacrifices when God was more pleased with Abel’s sacrifice than He was with Cain’s sacrifice. Cain became jealous of his brother. Due to his jealousy, Cain killed his brother.

Abel is the first person who was murdered in the Bible. Even though Abel loved Cain and treated him kindly, Cain killed him out of jealousy. Cain was cursed because of his sin and sent out of the land. Cain married and had a family out in the foreign land away from his parents. Adam and Eve had a third son after Abel’s death, who they named Seth (Genesis 4:25). Through Seth’s family line came Enoch and Noah. Both of these men were true followers of God.

Abel didn’t have a very long life on earth, yet He chose to serve God with the years he had. The Lord Jesus tells us Abel was the first martyr (Matthew 23:35). This tells us that Jesus placed a high value on Abel and affirmed Abel was with the Father in Heaven. Even though Abel is only in a small part of the Bible, he left a lasting impact on all people.

Bible Truth

"Later she gave birth to his brother Abel. Abel took care of sheep. Cain farmed the land" (Genesis 4:2).

"Cain said to his brother Abel, 'Let's go out to the field.' So they went out. There Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him" (Genesis 4:8).

"So you will pay for all the godly people’s blood spilled on earth. I mean from the blood of godly Abel to the blood of Zechariah, the son of Berekiah. Zechariah was the one you murdered between the temple and the altar" (Matthew 23:35).