Questions About Prayer

Questions about Prayer

What is Prayer?

Will God answer my prayer?
Why should I pray if God already knows what will happen?
How can God hear everyone's prayers at once?
Why doesn't God answer my prayer right away?
What is prayer?
Is prayer magic?
Does God hear us?
What is fellowship with God?
What is the sinner's prayer?
Does prayer change God’s mind?
How does prayer work?
What is the power of prayer?
What is the purpose of prayer?
What is intercessory prayer?

How to Pray

Why do we say "Amen" after praying?
Do we have to fold our hands to pray?
Can God help me pray?
How should we pray? Is there a special way?
Why did Jesus say we should pray the Lord's Prayer?
Is it ok to memorize a prayer and say it each time?
What does it mean to pray continually?
Why do we pray in Jesus' name?
Do we have to pray out loud?
Does praying for sick people make them better?
What should I say when I pray?
When should I pray?
Do we pray to God or Jesus?
Why do we close our eyes when we pray?
Why should I pray for others?
Why should we thank God when we pray?
Is it ok to be honest with God?
Why does God want us to pray together with other people?
What are the types of prayer?
What does it mean to watch and pray?
What does it mean to pray according to the will of God?
Can I pray to an angel?
What is praying in tongues?
My aunt prays to Mary and saints. Why does she do that?
My friend prays the rosary. What is that?

Prayer and Me

Can I pray if I’ve done something bad?
Does God hear my prayers, even the small ones?
Does God know what we need? Why doesn’t He always give me exactly what I want?
What happens if I don't pray?
Can Christians hear God talking to them?
How do we listen to God?
Can I pray for bad things to happen to people I don't like?
Why do I have to pray before bed?
How many times a day should I pray?
Can I say a prayer before a test?
Why should I pray if God already has a plan for me?
Who should I pray for?
Why do we pray before we eat? Do we have to thank God for food we don’t like?
Why do we pray?
Is it wrong to wish for something?
Is it bad to fall asleep while I pray?
Can I tell God anything I want to?
What if two people pray for opposite things at the same time? Which one will receive an answer to prayer?
Is it ok to pray for my pet?
Can I pray for certain toys and other things I really want?
Is it ok to pray for money?
Why do we pray for God to help us not be bad?
Do I have to pray at bedtime?
Why does God wait for the last minute to meet my needs?
How can I respond when God says no to my prayer?
Does God answer prayer?
Should we light candles for the dead?
Does the Bible say we should pray for the dead?
How do I pray for people who aren’t believers of Jesus?
What does it mean to pray for my enemies?