What does the Bible say about disrespect?

Here's the answer:

The Bible says disrespect is a bad thing.

Being disrespectful is never a good thing. The Bible tells us it is very important to be respectful to others (1 Peter 2:17). God wants you to respect Him, your parents, your family, your friends, and your leaders. In other words, you should respect everyone.

God wants you to respect your parents (Exodus 20:12). They love you and want the best for you. You should never disrespect them. God wants you to treat your friends respectfully too. The Bible tells us we also need to respect our leaders (1 Peter 2:17). As a kid, this means respecting your parents, your teachers, and governmental authorities.

Most importantly, you need to respect God. You can respect God by doing the right thing and thanking Him for all He has given you. By respecting your family, friends, and leaders, you are obeying God. You should never disrespect anyone, including yourself. God created you with a unique purpose and He has a great plan for your life.

Bible Truth

"Show proper respect to everyone. Love the family of believers. Have respect for God. Honor the emperor" (1 Peter 2:17).

"Give to everyone what you owe them. Do you owe taxes? Then pay them. Do you owe anything else to the government? Then pay it. Do you owe respect? Then give it. Do you owe honor? Then show it" (Romans 13:7).

"Love one another deeply. Honor others more than yourselves" (Romans 12:10).