What does it mean to have envy?

Here's the answer:

Having envy means you want something someone else has.

Envy is a sin (Galatians 5:19-21). Envy is wanting something that belongs to another person and being upset because you don't have it. As an example, you may see that your friend got a new video game and you really want it too. Since you don't have it, you pout and complain.

The Bible gives us an example of the destruction that can happen if a person is envious. In Genesis, Cain is envious of his brother Abel. Cain’s envy of his brother caused him to kill his brother (Genesis 4:3-8). Envy only leads to bad things (James 3:14-16). In fact, the Bible tells us envy will rot our bones (Proverbs 14:30).

It is never good to envy your siblings, friends, or other people you know. God has richly blessed you and you are your own unique person. When you are tempted to be envious, ask God to help you with those feelings. God will always help you. Instead of being envious of others, choose to be happy for others. Choose to be grateful for all that God has given you. A life of envy only leads to sadness. A life of contentment leads to happiness (1 Timothy 6:6–11; Hebrews 13:5).

Bible Truth

"Do not want to have anything your neighbor owns. Do not want to have your neighbor’s house, wife, male or female servant, ox or donkey" (Exodus 20:17).

"Let us not become proud. Let us not make each other angry. Let us not want what belongs to others" (Galatians 5:26).

"So get rid of every kind of evil, and stop telling lies. Don’t pretend to be something you are not. Stop wanting what others have, and don’t speak against one another" (1 Peter 2:1).