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Questions About the Bible:
    • What does it mean to meditate?*
    • Can kids have a quiet time/daily devotions?*

Questions About Salvation:
    • As a kid, how can I stand up for my faith?
    • What does it mean to have a personal relationship with Jesus?*

Questions About Prayer:
    • What is fellowship with God?*

Questions About Sin:
    • What does it mean that we’re not to love the world?

Questions About the Christian Life:
    • Can I like sports?
    • What is spiritual growth?*
    • What is holiness?*
    • Can kids be a disciple?*
    • I’m a kid. How can I live the Christian life?*
    • What does it mean to guard your heart?*
    • How can I have a closer relationship with God?*

Questions About Family and Friends:
    • Is it ok for me to attend a Christian camp?
    • Is it okay for my family to take a vacation?
    • What does the Bible say about gangs?
    • What should I look for in a good role model?*

Questions About the Media and School:
    • Can I listen to secular music?
    • Can I read fiction books since they aren’t true?
    • Is it okay for me to watch anime?
    • Is it wrong for me to be a fan of superheroes?
    • Should I watch horror movies?

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