Turbo Movie Review

by L.B. | originally published on 412teens.org.

Hurrrrrry up!!! Have you ever felt like life is going a little too slow and you just want to go faster? If so, maybe you can relate to a little snail in DreamWorks Animation's newest movie Turbo!

Theo is just your average little garden snail stuck in the slow lane. He and his overprotective, responsible brother Chet work day in and day out in the same old tomato garden along with their same old slow-moving snail community. No one gets in a hurry and everyone is content with the daily monotonous routine of tomato inspecting—everyone, that is, except Theo.

Theo's passion is not tomato plants, and though he tries to cultivate an appreciation for the mundane like his brother, Theo is a dreamer. He spends most of his time watching car races and dreaming of one day being in the Indy 500 just like his hero Guy Gagne, the swarthy foreign race champion. Chet scoffs at Theo's dreams and constantly reminds him he's "never gonna make it" and he should just "give up" and accept his snail fate of always being slow.

But after trying to prove Chet wrong, a garden accident forces Theo to leave his snail community in search for his place in life—a place in the fast lane. Along the way, an unexpected encounter suddenly turns Theo into Turbo, a superfast snail like the world has never seen. With the help of new adrenaline junkie snail friends, he wins the heart of a taco shop owner named Tito who, like Turbo, is also a big dreamer and a little brother.

Together, Turbo and Tito commit to making their dreams come true despite the cynical nagging of their older brothers Chet and Angelo who would rather spend their time on "realistic" responsibilities than chasing dreams. In the end, Turbo and Tito prove that it's better to take a few risks for the dream than play it safe by never trying.

This is a feel-good, all-star casted movie that celebrates the underdog and the realization of his dreams. With a story of determination and friendship, Turbo reminds us all that no matter how small we may feel, dreams really can come true if we are just brave enough to believe. Remember, "No dream is too big, and no dreamer is too small."

L.B. is a seasoned Christian writer who loves working with youth and inspiring others to live for Christ.

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