God in the Everyday

by Misti Cobb

As a mother of two beautiful boys, I try my best to incorporate God into each day. My husband and I try to take every possible opportunity to teach our children about God and the vital role He plays in our lives!

Each morning when the boys awake, I tell them “good morning” and express to them how much mommy and daddy love them and how much God loves them. Then we start our day by listening to praise music. I love my K-Love smartphone app! Whether I am prepping breakfast, changing a diaper, playing racecars with my three-year-old son, or rocking my youngest to sleep, I always have K-Love on in the background. One of my oldest son’s favorite songs is “Good Morning” by Mandisa. He and I love to have dance parties in the kitchen or sing and dance in the car when a great praise song comes on.

Right after breakfast, I devote a special time to read Bible stories aloud to the boys. I try to make it a fun time of learning Scripture. We read from my oldest son’s toddler Bible as well as a devotional. I love when my toddler asks a question about one of the Bible stories and we get to learn about it together.

Prayer is an incredible way to teach our children about God and who He is. As a family, we always pray at each meal—breakfast, lunch, dinner—and at snack time. My greatest reward as a mother is listening to my three-year-old son pray! We always ask him if he would like to pray, and he almost always says yes. He often says the following: “Dear Jesus, thank you for my family (he then proceeds to name everyone off). Thank you for my friends, thank you for our food, and my many blessings.” Amen! Hearing these words from my son’s mouth is such a blessing to me and the greatest earthly reward possible.

We often pray together throughout the day. Anytime my son gets a “boo-boo,” he always says, “Mommy, pray for it. God will heal it!” Ever since he got his first boo-boo, I have taught him that God will heal his boo-boos and make him feel better. No matter if it is a hangnail or a stomachache, God will heal it. I am so thankful he understands this concept and the truth behind it! At bedtime, we always pray as a family—for each child individually, for our immediate and extended family, and for any needs others may have. I love to watch the expression on my oldest son’s face as he prays. It’s too precious for words.

We have a favorite Toddler Bible DVD we love to watch. It presents the Bible in an easy-to-understand way—even my toddler can comprehend it. We also have started watching short episodes of “Adventures in Odyssey.” My husband enjoys watching these episodes with my oldest son, because he grew up watching these as a young boy too. Not only do these videos provide a great learning experience for my son, it also creates a great father and son bonding time.

We attended Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) for a short while in the fall, but I stopped attending when I had my second child in August. I loved attending, but honestly it was too much on my plate at the time. My plan is to go back in the fall when the next class starts. I believe BSF provides an exceptional learning opportunity not only for me, but also for my oldest son. What he was able to learn and retain from his class was incredible.

As parents, our goal each day is to expose our children to a variety of spiritual learning opportunities where we are able to incorporate God as the main focal point!

Misti Cobb is a wife and mom of two—and those jobs are her #1 priority! Misti also works nights at her local hospital, serving moms and babies. Her main passion is God, and she works hard to make sure her boys grow to know and love Him.

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